The object of vacuum packing beef.

The object of this process is to prolong the shelf life of beef,
that is to say, prolong the time between production and
consumption of the beef by humans , in such a way that the
result is assured, without having to recur to freezing or other
methods of conservation.

The period of prolongation of the quality of the product
depends on factors involved in the vacuum process, since
each one interacts during the procedure.

The object of this process is that cuts be covered by a film
that acts as a barrier to water vapour as well as to oxygen, in
such a way as to obtain an adequate microclimate between
the film and the cut for the proliferation of beneficial bacteria
such as lactic (similar to those present in yoghurt), amongst
others, achieving in this way a habitat not propitious for the
development of undesired bacteria that could damage the
meat and result in risk for human consumption, thus
diminishing the development of same to a minimum.

Author Jorge Dey